Weiterführende Literatur in englischer Sprache ab 2020

Katharina Pistor  (2020)

Money in the Time of Coronavirus – The Case for Free Money (a real Libra)

Kenneth Rogoff  (2020)

The Case for Deeply Negative Interest Rates
in: Project Syndicate May 4, 2020

Negative interest rate policy in the post COVID-19 world

Roger Svensson & Andreas Westermark  (2020)

Renovatio Monetae – When Gesell Taxes Worked
in: International Economic Review Vol. 61, No. 2, pp. 821 – 846.

David Andolfatto  (2020)

Hot Money Credits to Kick-Start a Stalled Economy?
in: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis – Economy Blog May 29, 2020

COVID-19 and Hot Money Credits
in: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis – Economy Blog July 15, 2020

Willem Buiter  (2020)

Three Strikes against the Fed
in: vox-eu cepr July 3, 2020

Aqdas Afzal  (2020)

Creative Policies
in: DAWN – Today’s Paper July 20, 2020 (Pakistan)

Florian Heider & Farzad Saidi & Glenn Schepens  (2020)

Banks and negative interest rates

Gregor Schwerhoff & Ottmar Edenhofer & Marc Fleurbaey  (2020)

Taxation of Economic Rents
in: Journal of Economic Surveys No. 2/2020, pp. 398 – 423.

Carsten Herrmann-Pillath  (2020)

Weighing the future more than the present - Paying a negative natural rate of interest to the biosphere

Andreas Adriano  (2021)

New Old Idea – Technological Innovation is fueling the Resurgence of Community Currencies
International Monetary Fund – Finance and Development

Luis Brandao-Marques & Marco Casiraghi & R. G. Gelos & Gunes Kamber & Roland Meeks  (2021)

Negative Interest Rates - Taking Stock of the Experience So Far
International Monetary Fund – Departmental Papers March 3
Summary: https://blogs.imf.org/2021/03/03/the-evidence-is-in-on-negative-interest-rate-policies/

Carsten Herrmann-Pillath  (2021)

Saving the Biosphere or Saving by the Biosphere? The Thermodynamics of Negative Interest Ratese


More literature about the theories of the money reform and land reform can be found in the
Archiv für Geld- und Bodenreform” in the library of the Carl von Ossietzky-University in Oldenburg.  Here the link to the catalogue: