Weiterführende Literatur in englischer Sprache 2010 - 2015

Jonathan Warner  (2010)

Stamp Scrip in the Great Depression - Lessons for Community Currency for Today?

Cordelius Ilgmann & Martin Menner  (2011)

Negative Nominal Interest Rates – History and Current Proposals, in: International Economics and Economic Policy 2011.

Martin Menner  (2011)

"Gesell tax" and Efficiency of Monetary Exchange

Novan Chan  (2011)

Japan’s Liquidity Trap: Gesell Money and other Fool Proof Solutions?
Tilburg University, The Netherlands
http://arno.uvt.nl/show.cgi?fid=115309   [PDF-Download 420 KB]

Zhiyuan Cui  (2011)

Partial Intimations oft he Coming Whole – The Chongqing Experiment in Light oft he Theories of Henry George, James Meade, and Antonio Gramsci, in: Modern China Vol. 37, No. 6, pp. 646–660.

Dirk Löhr  (2012)

The Euthanasia of the Rentier - a Way towards a Steady-State Economy?, in: Ecological Economics, 84 / 2012, pp. 232-239. 

Jonathan Warner (2012)

Iowa Stamp Scrip - Economic Experimentation in Iowa Communities during the Great Depression,
in: The Annals of Iowa, Vol. 71, No. 1, pp. 1-38.

Miles Kimball  (2013)

Silvio Gesell’s Plan for Negative Nominal Interest Rates

Miles Kimball  (2013)

How and Why to Eliminate the Zero Lower Bound - A Reader’s Guide

Dirk Löhr & Shihe Fu & L. Zhou  (2014)

The Qingdao Land Regime - Lessons Learned, in: Journal of Translation from Foreign Literature of Economics (special issue, ed. by Shihe Fu), 2014.  http://se.xmu.edu.cn/jzyc/viewPaper.asp?id=72

Dirk Löhr  (2014)

The hidden rent-seeking capacity of corporations
in: International Journal of Social Economics, Vol. 41 (2014) Iss 9 pp. 820-836.  -  http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/IJSE-02-2013-0048

Kenneth Rogoff  (2014)

Costs and benefits to phasing out paper currency
in: NBER-Paper May 2014 - presented at the Macroeconomics Annual Conference

Kenneth Rogoff  (2014)

It’s time to kill cash

Benoit Cœuré, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB  (2014)

Life below zero: Learning about negative interest rates  -  Presentation at the annual dinner of the ECB's Money Market Contact Group, Frankfurt am Main, 9 September 2014

Miles Kimball  (2014)

On the Need for Large Movements in Interest Rates to Stabilize the Economy with Monetary Policy

Jan Kregel  (2014)

Liquidity preference and the Entry and Exit to ZIRP and QE (No. 5/2014)

Felix Fuders & Manfred Max-Neef  (2014)

Local Money as Solution to Capitalist Global Financial Crises
in: Michael Pirson & Ulrich Steinvorth (Ed.), From Capitalistic to Humanistic Business.
New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014, pp. 157 – 189.

Massimo Amato & Luca Fantacci  (2015)

Saving the Market from Capitalism – Ideas for an Alternative Finance
Cambridge/UK: Polity Press, 2014.

Tsuyoshi Yuku  (2015)

Reconsideration of Gesell’s critique of Marx’ Capital Theory, in: The Uno Newsletter: Rejuvenating Marxian Economics through Uno Theory (Vol. II, No. 15) Working Paper Series 2-15-4 (April 2015)  http://www.unotheory.org/news_II_15

James McAndrews  (2015)

“Negative Nominal Central Bank Policy Rates: Where Is the Lower Bound?” - Speech delivered at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis., May 8, https://www.newyorkfed.org/newsevents/speeches/2015/mca150508.html.
http://www.bis.org/review/r150512a.htm  /  http://www.bis.org/review/r150512a.pdf

Jeremie Cohen-Setton  (2015)

The below-zero lower bound, in: Bruegel March 9, 2015

Roger Svensson & Andreas Westermark  (2015)

Renovatio Monetae - Gesell Taxes in Practice
Research Institute of Industrial Economics - IFN Working Paper No. 1083, Stockholm 2015

Angus Armstrong  (2015)

Are negative policy interest rates really feasible?

Jan Alsterlind, Hanna Armelius, David Forsman, Björn Jönsson and Anna-Lena Wretman  (2015)

How far can the repo rate be cut?
in: Riksbank Sverige Ed.:  Economic Commentories No. 11/September 2015  

Alan Howard & Jason Cummins  (2015)

Searching for a cure for secular stagnation

Leonid Bershidsky  (2015)

‘Neglected Prophet’ of Economics Got It Right - Negative rates in Europe bring utopian ideas to life,  in:  Bloomberg View July 2, 2015

Miles Kimball & Ruchir Agarwal  (2015)

Breaking through the Zero Lower Bound - IMF-Working Paper 15/224 October 2015

Miles Kimball  (2015)

Negative Interest Rate Policy as Conventional Monetary Policy
in: National Institute Economic Review No. 234 / November 2015, p. R5 - R14.
(German translation “Negativzinspolitik als konventionelle Geldpolitik”, in: Zeitschrift für Sozialökonomie 188./189. Folge 2016, S. 25-37)

Cordelius Ilgmann  (2015)

Silvio Gesell - ‘A strange, unduly neglected’ monetary theorist, in: Journal of Post Keynesian Economics Vol. 38, No. 4, p. 532-564.

Nigel Dodd  (2015)

Utopianism and the Future of Money; in: Patrik Aspers & Nigel Dodd Ed. (2015): Re-Imagining Economic Sociology. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 79-102.

Ottmar Edenhofer & Linus Mattauch & Jan Siegmeier  (2015)

Hypergeorgism: When Rent Taxation Is Socially Optimal
in: FinanzArchiv No. 4/2015, pp. 474 – 505

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